We warranty that all our products are free from any manufacturing defects. Simply notify us of any damages, defects, or shortages and we will resupply or credit your account as long as we are notified within 5 business days of your delivery.

Grandma Mickman learned to make wreaths from her mother when growing up on a fjord in Norway in the late 1800’s. Each year they would display their Christmas Wreath on the door of their small cottage to celebrate the season.

During the Great Depression in 1934, Grandma had an idea to make wreaths and sell them to earn extra money for her young family in St. Paul, MN. A business was born! Since our Grandma taught us how to make wreaths as young boys, my brother Chris and I have taken pride in standing behind each of the products we supply to our clientele. If for any reason you are not pleased with the quality of our products, please notify us at gifts@mickman.com. We will then contact you to rectify any issues you may be encountering.

John S. Mickman